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Avalon University School of Medicine is a North American curriculum based medical program designed for students who want to pursue a career in medicine in the United States, Canada, and in most countries around the world. Having a curriculum modeled after U.S. medical schools, AUSOM focuses on quality medical education and training in order to ensure medical licensure and residency placement for our graduates. AUSOM’s faculty includes professors and physicians from exceptional teaching medical schools and institutions from all over the world. AUSOM also provides highly sought after clinical rotations in U.S. teaching hospitals. AUSOM has one of the best clinical science programs, and during these clinical rotations students work directly with physicians to become familiar with hospital practices to attain the fundamental clinical knowledge. Hands-on experience provides students the opportunity and exposure to complement theoretical knowledge with patient interactions which provides a competitive edge to ensure that students are prepared for residency programs. Rapidly becoming an international leader in medical education, AUSOM is located on the beautiful island of Curacao. Curacao is a highly developed and safe country with a supportive and pro-education government, which allows AUSOM to utilize the resources needed to conduct our medical program in a conducive, academic environment. AUSOM’s program, leadership, and success rate make it a premier choice for those pursuing a career in the medical field. AUSOM has curricula, faculty and staff members that offer the knowledge, experience and resources for a solid medical education that produces competitive graduates and well qualified doctors AUSOM is an accredited Caribbean medical school which is listed by the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), a division of the United States Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). IMED/ECFMG listing and endorsement ensures that Avalon University’s graduates are eligible to take the USMLE® and subsequently apply for U.S. residency programs. Additionally, AUSOM has received recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of Canada (MCC). Being one of the few Caribbean medical schools founded and directed primarily by U.S. physicians, and by following the U.S. medical school model, AUSOM ensures that students are well equipped with an up-to-date, comprehensive, and competitive medical education. AUSOM graduates are well prepared to continue their pursuit of medicine in the U.S and around the world. The faculty at Avalon University provides a unique and modern medical education experience, while continually focusing on the preparation for licensure in North America. Currently AUSOM graduates are practicing medicine across North America and countries around the world. We provide students the opportunity to achieve a rewarding career in the field of medicine.

Your First Step Towards Success


Caribbean Pre Medical program details

At Avalon University, we have Pre-medical programs offered in Curacao, Chicago and Ontario.

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Basic Sciences

Top Caribbean Medical University and basic science program

At Avalon University, the basic science curriculum assists in building your medical foundation.

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Clinical Education

Top medical education in Caribbean medical school

Your clinical education at Avalon University consists of 72 weeks of clinical clerkships at teaching hospitals in the United States.

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Resident from Caribbean Medical School - Avalon University

Avalon’s students earn residencies in many leading medical centers across the United States and Canada.

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Do you know that Avalon is actively involved in Research?

Research Article – Targeted combination nanotherapeutics in cancer a real promise

Research is a very important factor in creating advancement in medical education. At Avalon University School of Medicine our focus is to provide a quality medical education, while also emphasizing the importance of research.

Success story of three Avalon University graduates

There are many success stories at Avalon University. Below you can read an inspiring journey of three Avalon graduates from their first days with Avalon University, to reaching the ultimate goal of graduating in 2015 and obtaining a residency position. Enjoy! Greetings, We began Pre Med 1 on the island of Bonaire in September of […]

Congratulations to Avalon University Alumni – Dr. Hiren Patel

It is wonderful to share the success of our students. Hiren Patel, a student of Avalon University School of Medicine has been chosen as Chief Resident at Baton Rouge General Medical Center’s Internal Residency Program.

Congratulations to Avalon University Alumni Dr. Brian Bockleman

Congrats to an Avalon Alumni, Dr. Brian Bockleman, he has completed his residency in Miami,FL and received the Resident of the Year award! He will continue striving and growing to become an amazing doctor!

Learn From our experienced faculty members at Avalon

One of the strengths of Avalon University School of Medicine is our skilled and knowledgeable faculty members

At AUSOM, our goal is to ensure that students and graduates are prepared and successful in all aspects of their medical endeavors. Our dedicated faculty at Avalon University provides a unique and modern approach towards medical education, while continually focusing on preparing students for licensure in North America.

We provide students the opportunity to achieve a rewarding career in the field of medicine

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