Why Avalon

Academic Support

Labs on campus

Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology, Biochemistry, and Histopathology

Mentoring Program

One-on-one student mentoring and tutoring

Problem Based Learning

Integrated from Day 1 of Basic Sciences. 

Administrative Support

Housing & Food

Accommodations within walking distance, Food available on campus, North American food options available.

Airport Pickup

Airport pickup for all new students.

Safe Environment

Education is our priority and well-being of our students is just important. Campus & accommodations are located in safe & secure environment.

News & Updates

Avalon University School of Medicine has a new and improved Alumni website!

Are you an Alumni of Avalon? Keep in touch with us through our new Alumni website, become a mentor to current students, and update us on your career and success!

Did you know?

We welcomed our incoming students for the Winter 2016 semester at the White Coat Ceremony on January 7, 2016, 7pm on our campus in Curaçao.

It’s Not Just About Education…

After everyone’s hard work during the semester, faculty and students alike are encouraged to take a much-deserved break to unwind.

Did you know?

Avalon University provides their students with a campus shuttle. Avalon's campus shuttle will transport students between the main campus and student housing.

Your First Step Towards Success


Caribbean Pre Medical program details

We have Pre-medical programs offered in Curaçao, Chicago and Ontario.

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Basic Sciences

home page education

The basic science curriculum assists in building your medical foundation.

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Clinical Education

homepage residency

Your clinical education consists of 72 weeks of clinical clerkships at teaching hospitals in the United States.

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About us slide

Avalon’s graduates earn residencies in many leading medical centers across the United States and Canada.

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Research Activities at Avalon

Modern Lifestyle of North American and Antillean Students

We are pleased to inform you that Avalon University School of Medicine, Curaçao is conducting a research project in collaboration with the Psychology department of the University of Alberta, Canada.

Research Article – Targeted combination nanotherapeutics in cancer a real promise

Research is a very important factor in creating advancement in medical education. At Avalon University School of Medicine our focus is to provide a quality medical education, while also emphasizing the importance of research.

Success story of three Avalon University graduates

There are many success stories at Avalon University. Below you can read an inspiring journey of three Avalon graduates from their first days with Avalon University, to reaching the ultimate goal of graduating in 2015 and obtaining a residency position. Enjoy!

Congratulations to Avalon University Alumni – Dr. Hiren Patel

It is wonderful to share the success of our students. Hiren Patel, a graduate of Avalon University School of Medicine has been chosen as Chief Resident at Baton Rouge General Medical Center’s Internal Medicine Residency Program.

Upcoming Informational Seminars

Toronto Education Fair and Seminar

Avalon University will be holding seminar and have a representative attending upcoming educational fair in Toronto on February 27th & February 28th, 2016.

Montreal Education Fair and Seminar

Avalon University will be holding seminar and have a representative attending upcoming educational fair in Montreal on February 27th, 2016.

Mississauga, Canada Informational Seminar

Avalon University will be conducting an informational seminar open to public. Ask your family and friends to come learn more about Avalon University!

Vancouver Education Fair and Seminar

Avalon University will be holding seminar and have a representative attending upcoming educational fair in Vancouver on February 25th, 2016.

Learn From our experienced faculty members at Avalon

One of the strengths of Avalon University School of Medicine is our skilled and knowledgeable faculty members

At AUSOM, our goal is to ensure that students and graduates are prepared and successful in all aspects of their medical endeavors. Our dedicated faculty at Avalon University provides a unique and modern approach towards medical education, while continually focusing on preparing students for licensure in North America.

We provide students the opportunity to achieve a rewarding career in the field of medicine

Avalon Graduates - Caribbean Medical Schools graduates 2015 ver3